Release Notes

Version 4.0.4 (released 26.1.2010)

  • added: Add Word wrap to editor options dialog (#220)
  • changed: Turn off vertical line in editor (#231)
  • changed: Improve Update Detection & Handling (#236)
  • fixed: added PHP syntax highlightint for .php5 files (#225)
  • fixed: Access Violation when editing files on root folder (#233)
  • fixed: SiteManager: Validate local path when saving account (#232)
  • fixed: Closing files results in a “busy” message and the ftp seems to get stuck. (#224)
  • fixed: HTML keyboard shotcuts do not work anymore (#227)
  • fixed: Remote file list: Modified column only shows the date (#229)

Version 4.0.3 (released 4.3.2009)

  • added: Add Word wrap to editor options dialog (#220)
  • fixed: “Save As” does not work onto remote server (#219)
  • fixed: Context menu of editor tabs has wrong context (#217)

Version 4.0.2 (released 21.12.2008)

  • updated: Improve trial screen (FTPEditor) (#213)
  • updated: Improve reinstalling FTPEditor (#215)
  • fixed: Edit menu: menu items are disabled (#214)
  • fixed: Directory listing parsed incorrectly (#216)

Version 4.0 (released 1.10.2008)

  • added: duplicate line keyboard shortcut (#120)
  • added: duplicate SiteManager entries (#57)
  • added: syntax highlighting for Ruby code (#146)
  • added: bracket machting in editor (#107)
  • added: menu item: Recently edited files (#75)
  • added: confirmation before overwriting remote files (#8)
  • added: FTPS (FTP-SSL) protocol
  • updated: FTP engine
  • updated: editor component
  • fixed: create local backup (#152)

Version 3.3 (released 9.1.2006)

  • added: Make Auto-Correct list exportable (#126)
  • added: Add CDUP-button to toolbar (#106)
  • added: Open multiple selected documents (#115)
  • added: Display error message when saving a remote file save fails (#119)
  • added: Added .pm as default extension for Perl syntax highlighting (Pro version only) (#134)
  • changed: SiteManager: Save when clicking connect (#99)
  • fixed: Find from cursor not working (#114)
  • fixed: SiteManager: Exporting and Importing entries looses FTP mode (Pro version only) (#112)
  • fixed: SiteManager: Bookmarks not ex-/imported (Pro version only) (#113)
  • fixed: Renamed files cannot be moved (#117)
  • fixed: File deleted after rename (#116)
  • fixed: Auto-correct values not saved correctly (Pro version only) (#124)
  • fixed: FTPEditor does not run on limited user accounts (#123)
  • fixed: Loops when FTP delete fails (#100)

Version 3.2 (released 28.4.2005)

  • added: Private/public key authentication (Pro version only) (#94)
  • added: Close document with middle mouse button (#93)
  • added: Linebreak style can be changed (#88)
  • added: Preserve line break mode (#71)
  • added: Add keyboard shortcut for Make Directory (Ctrl-M) (#61)
  • added: Add “Save All” menu item (#89)
  • added: Change toolbar search field to incremental search (#86)
  • added: Confirm overwriting file when using Save As (#85)
  • added: Make CHMOD recursive (#84)
  • added: Allow to select and open/download multiple files (#58)
  • added: LocalExplorer: Ctrl-DblClick -> Open file with default application (Pro version only) (#73)
  • added: Add FTP port field to SiteManager (#83)
  • added: Show Local Explorer path in statusbar (Pro version only) (#76)
  • fixed: Preserve current line after updating file content (Pro version only) (#91)
  • fixed: Disable save when editing readonly local file (Pro version only) (#79)
  • fixed: Rename file works even if server reported error (#50)

Version 3.1 (released 3.12.2004)

  • added: Directory bookmarks for SiteManager accouts (Pro version only)
  • added: remove deleted folders from folder history list
  • added: allow multiple instance option (#25)
  • added: WordWrap button in toolbar (#28)
  • added: reload modified local files automatically (#20)
  • added: keyboard shortcut for SiteManager (#33)
  • added: Close non-existing local files (Pro version only) (#40)
  • added: Add GIF support to Remote Image Preview (#51) (Pro version only)
  • added: Hide FTP directory listing on disconnect, when editing local file (#53) (Pro version only)
  • added: Add directory bookmarks for SiteManager accounts. (#52) (Pro version only)
  • changed: Indent tab stop number of whitespaces (#37)
  • fixed: focus file if already loaded (#5)
  • fixed: download unsupported image formats
  • fixed: remove deleted files from search result (#30)
  • fixed: Copy, Cut & Paste when renaming files (#16)
  • fixed: Statusbar shows incorrect path for local files (Pro version only) (#32)
  • fixed: Entering invalid directory produces 2 error messages (#55)
  • fixed: Remove deleted folders from folder history (#4)

Version 3.0.1 (released 8.7.2004)

  • fixed: upload file (FTP) from main menu
  • fixed: move file fixed

Version 3.0 (released 21.5.2004)

  • added: SFTP (Secure FTP) support (PRO version only)
  • added: SWF, TIF to binary file types
  • added: search files on FTP server (PRO version only)
  • added: new Windows Help File (CHM)
  • added: syntax parser changes upon changing file extension
  • added: adding HTML space and line breaks with Ctrl-Space/Enter
  • changed: SiteManager entries can be renamed
  • changed: new FTP server directory listing parser
  • changed: current line highlighting can be switched on/off (default: off)
  • changed: moved toolbar buttons ‘SiteManager’, ‘Options’ and ‘Help’ to General toolbar
  • changed: combined tabs in FTP file properties dialog
  • fixed: saving GUI settings to registry fixed
  • fixed: local files are not closed on disconnect
  • fixed: sorting symbolic links in FTP file list
  • fixed: idle timeout error
  • fixed: drag’n’drop of external files into FTPEditor
  • fixed: remove local file upon Save As
  • fixed: replace dialog reworked
  • fixed: moving files on FTP server (drag’n’drop)

Version 2.5 (released 14.4.2003)

  • added: ASP syntax highlighting (PRO version only)
  • added: Tabs to Space conversion (PRO version only)
  • added: display image files (JPEG, PNG, BMP, ICO supported) (PRO version only)
  • added: image zoom in/out (PRO version only)
  • added: current line highlighting in editor
  • added: Drag & Drop of local files within LocalExplorer enabled
  • changed: FTP folder history can be edited manually (fast chdir)
  • changed: improved Team Development (extra icon for locked files) (PRO version only)
  • fixed: SiteManager & LocalExplorer fixes

Version 2.2 (released 22.4.2002)

  • added: bracket matching feature to editor (Ctrl-B)
  • added: toolbar for search commands
  • added: search element history box
  • added: menu items to show/hide toolbars
  • added: PHP syntax highlighting
  • added: delete FTP server history
  • added: “Add to SiteManager” menu item (PRO version only)
  • added: switch active editor document using Ctrl-Tab
  • added: check for updates online
  • changed: CHMOD available in standard version
  • changed: hide FTP dirlist on opening local files while not connected
  • changed: history combo: CWD only if selected entry differs from current
  • changed: keep working folder/history on auto-reconnect
  • changed: show registration status in AboutBox

Version 2.0 (released 1.11.2001)

  • Go to Line Number feature added
  • double-click on SiteManager item connects to the server
  • SiteManager can be displayed at startup optionally
  • CHMOD on all selected files (PRO version only)
  • complete new dockable toolbars
  • toolbars customizable (PRO version only)
  • redo added to main menu and toolbar
  • owner/group added to file properties dialog
  • popup menu added in LocalExplorer when no file is selected
  • fixed shortcut bug with cut, copy, paste in child dialogs
  • files dropped on the main form are opened as local files (PRO version only)
  • files dropped on the FTP file list are uploaded
  • extended editor options (custom shortkeys, auto-corrections, templates) (PRO version only)
  • added undo after save
  • fixed bug with editor modification status
  • prevent multiple instance (fetch command line parameters from second instance)
  • drag & drop files to LocalExplorer dir tree enabled
  • add popup up menu to FTP log (copy selected logs)
  • SiteManager buttons replaced with toolbar
  • recursive delete bug fixed

Version 1.8 (released 1.7.2000)

  • fully customizable editor
  • personal code templates
  • improved firewall & proxy support
  • improved stability
  • new setup procedure

Version 1.7 (released 15.12.1999)

  • added Java syntax highlighting
  • improved statusbar (shows detailed FTP transfer parameter)
  • several bugfixes

Version 1.6 (released 22.11.1999)

  • implemented LocalExplorer (for local files) improves up- & download functionality using drag & drop
  • HTML syntax highlighting
  • Search & Replace functions added
  • Wordwrap option added
  • improved SiteManager
  • CHMOD bug fixed
  • more stable than previous versions

Version 1.5 (released 19.07.1999)

  • SiteManager helps managing multiple FTP accounts
  • server type (UNIX/Windows) can be set by user

Version 1.4 (released 3.06.1999)

  • editor font (name & size) can be personalized
  • file transfer mode can be set by user
  • improved status messages
  • new floating toolbars
  • installation bug fixed
  • many bugs fixed

Version 1.3 (released 23.05.1999)

  • uninstall support
  • file list bug fixed

Version 1.2 (released 16.05.1999)

  • improved user interface, new file listbox
  • drag & drop in the file listbox, file and directories can be moved around by selecting them and moving them into another directory
  • multiple files can be selected an be deleted or moved
  • image link insertion (opening an image file, creates a HTML image code tag (<img src=”*name*” width=”*x*” height=”*y*”>)
  • directory listing bugs fixed

Version 1.1 (released 19.04.1999)

  • supports remote symbolic links
  • properties dialog added with CHMOD availibility
  • disconnect button
  • time out field in Tools|Options dialog

Version 1.0 (released 31.03.1999)

Basic version