Easing the Pain of Routine Web Edits

WinPlanet has published a review of FTPEditor called “Easing the Pain of Routine Web Edits“. In this article the author describes the advantages of FTPEditor over standard FTP clients and normal text editors.

It’s not at all uncommon to routinely make small changes to your Web pages in order to correct grammar or spelling mistakes or update sections of information. This process typically involves opening the file in an editing program where the mistake is corrected, but if the file isn’t on your hard drive or if others also work on the file, you’ll need to first download the file before editing it. After that, the file is uploaded by means of an FTP client.

The end result is a lot of time and work to make simple corrections or changes, but what if you were able to edit the files right on the server, using one program?

Besides that the article mentions another benefit of FTPEditor – its ease of use:

Using the program is a breeze. If you already have experience using FTP programs and text editors, you can use FTPEditor “right out of the box.”

There is only one point in which the tester missed a feature. The article mentions that when you want local copies of your files you would have to sync them manually. However – to create a local backup of files edited on a remote server just activate “Create local backup” in the SiteManager.
Seems we have to work on better advertising this feature.
Thanks to WinPlanet for the review.

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