FTPEditor 4.0 Beta preview

We are still here…

After a long and silent period, FTPEditor is coming with a completely new version. In FTPEditor 4 many parts have been completely reworked. FTPEditor got a new FTP engine under the hood, there is a new editor built in and the user interface has been improved.

With all that changes FTPEditor remains what it is: a simple, easy to use tool for editing files directly on the server.

Starting today we offer a beta preview version for those interested in what the new version will look like and how it works. It is not ready for production and not all features are in there yet.

If you are interested in joining the preview program drop us an email at beta@ftpeditor.com and we will send you the download information.

4 Responses to “FTPEditor 4.0 Beta preview”

  1. Raghu Sengar says:

    i would like to check out the new FTP editor.
    I use FTP editor daily for my development.
    I would appreciate if you guys could add text search in the files and directories.

  2. Someone says:

    I had recommended a new icon for beta with design, I hope you checked that mail.

  3. FTPEditor says:

    Actually no, we did not receive any email regarding a new icon for the beta version.
    Please resend it.

  4. Someone says:

    Oh I am so sorry, I didn’t see this page again, I am resending the icon right away.