Changes in upcoming FTPEditor 4

It has been a while since we posted any information about our next version here. FTPEditor 4 is being developed for more than a year now. In between the project went into many different directions.

First we wanted to add more features to FTPEditor to make it a bigger more powerful tool. It took us a while to notice that more features is not the best way to go. Therefore we concentrated on making FTPEditor more stable and reliable. So we strengthened existing features – for example by bringing in a completely new FTP engine.

When we started to released the public preview version and watched the incoming feedback, we noticed that we were on the right track. Most users were not asking for more features – they were happy with the existing ones being faster, more usable and more reliable.

Having learned that lesson we decided to go even further into that direction. We even began skipping features (like the image html insertion and others). Some of the features we removed some others we just deactivated. So it will be the users voice bringing them back or not.

Finally we even skipped a complete version. Correct – with FTPEditor 4 we no longer will have FTPEditor and FTPEditor Pro. There will be just one FTPEditor from now on. Of course existing FTPEditor Pro users will still get all futures updates for free – as we promised back then.

Please let us know what you think about these changes. If you can’t wait until we finally release FTPEditor 4 please feel free to contact us a beta at to get a copy of the current preview version.

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