FTPEditor turns 10

In March 2009 FTPEditor will be available for ten years.

The very first version of FTPEditor was developed in March 1999 and was published around March 31st. Back then FTPEditor was ad-sponsored freeware – with a Pro version available which came with more features and no advertising.

In past years FTPEditor has gone through some changes: The ad-sponsoring has been dropped and lately we even stopped having two different versions of FTPEditor.
But the goal has always been the same and it will remain in the times to come:

Make FTPEditor an easy-to-use software tool to make editing files on a remote server as fast and smooth as possible.

To celebrate the anniversary we will have some special offers throughout the upcoming weeks. And we also would like you to join in. Let us know your story with FTPEditor: How did FTPEditor help you? What do you like? What would you like to see in future versions?

Happy FTPEditing…

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