After you’ve spent days, weeks, months, whatever working on and designing your site, you think you’re done, right ? It’s been uploaded to your server, tested, and people are visiting at a pretty steady clip so you can basically just squeeze into that nice warm sofa and crack open some form of beverage, correct ? The answer would have to be a big no. A web site is like a baby. You can’t just pop one out and never bother about it again. You’ve got to constantly pick up after it and clean it when it gets overly funky. Information needs to be updated regularly on the site, new things added, old links removed, etc.

One of the easiest ways to handle these day-to-day site maintenance tasks is with the help of FTPEditor. A combination of FTP program and full featured text editor,FTPEditor might seem a bit weird instead of the original HTML editor you used to create the site.

For common everyday tasks like correcting links, fixing misspelled words, adding some new text to a page, etc., do you really need to load up some bloated whale of a HTML program then launch a separate FTP program to upload it once you’re done?

FTPEditor is not only faster but a lot more efficient. Let’s take a hypothetical situation. Imagine you want to add a new blurb of text to your “what’s new” page. Using FTPEditor you would merely enter the location of the file on your FTP server and FTPEditor will locate it and open it. Now just work on the file like it’s sitting on your hard drive, make the changes you need, spell check, and do whatever else is required. Then just save them. FTPEditor handles all this directly with the remote FTP server. No uploading or downloading is needed, FTPEditor handles everything and makes the process as clean and neat as working locally.

You also can work on multiple files at the same time. Just open all the files you need to modify and do your thing. Every time you save your changes FTPEditor will automatically put the corrected/updated file back into its original location. Files can also be dragged and dropped directly into FTPEditor to load and work on them.

While basic in nature, FTPEditor also has all of the neccessary FTP features you’d need for file transfers. For instance it has the ability to automatically or manually set the file transfer type (ASCII or Binary) based on predefined binary file types, use a proxy server, create and delete directories on an FTP server, and issue standard commands like delete and rename.

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